How To Choose The Right Survival Knife

When you are in a survival situation, a good knife comes in handy. Survival knives can be found on online retails, but of course there are some features which makes some survival knives better choices than others.

Folding knife is good choice as it can easily fit in your pocket. They have shorter and thinner blades. The fact that the knife can be folded means that you will not run the risk of cutting yourself with it when it is inside your pocket.

Full tang has the steel of the blade running all the way to the end of the handle in one piece. Most knives with just a partial tang are weaker when subjected to a lot of stress.

The knife should be comfortable and have a non slip handle. The handle needs to be easy to keep a strong grip on. The knife having a lanyard hole and a slight bulge at the butt end will prevent it from slipping out f your hands.

The best survival knife has a thick blade. The blade should also be at least four to six inches long. Knives that are smaller or larger than this will not have the same versatility. The knife should also be easy to sharpen and hone. The best type of steel for a survival knife is one that is not too hard but hard enough to keep a decent edge on it.

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