Five Ways to Boost Your Stamina

There are innumerable obstacle course races focused around covering great distances as well as short sprints. So it is of little wonder that more and more folks have a strong urge to increase stamina and endurance to participate in such races. However, it has been observed that such people tend to concentrate more on cardio exercises such as cycling or running. However such exercises form only a miniscule part of the exercises that should be done as people need to focus towards improving their strength.

Here are some of the ways to boost your endurance and increase stamina.

1. Combine the cardio days with strength days

The equation is quite straightforward and simple. If you can get more muscles of your body to work, it will challenge the cardiovascular system and heart more. So, instead of just doing cardio-only workouts, you should ensure that you also include strength days in your training routine. It has been observed that the usual tendency in many people is to reserve one day for cardio and the other day for strength. One should instead combine both.

2. Bring down your amount of rest

Usually a recovery time of 20 to 90 seconds is given by men in between their sets. However if your prime goal is to increase stamina and greater endurance, you have to be ready to give up break time. When your sets end, you should have the feel that your muscles are burning and you should be sweating and breathing heavily. Take a break when you cannot continue physically. You must indulge in three rounds of back to back series while taking minimum amount of rest in between.

3. Do high-intensity and fast-paced lifting

If weights are used by you at an immensely fast pace, it will not only enhance your strength but can also improve the level of endurance. It is one of the best methods for igniting your metabolism level. If you do a great deal of training only in endurance-related training, it can bring down your body metabolism as your muscle tissues start getting eaten up.

4. Prefer compound movements and not isolation

Whenever you are performing compound movements such as pull-ups, step-ups, push-ups and squats, your body will use multiple joints. These movements definitely help in improving your endurance more than the exercises performed in isolation. For instance, isolation exercise such as leg lifts and bicep curls may not be stimulating enough to help in increasing your stamina.

5. Routine is a big enemy

You must make sure that you change your workout routine regularly to build up your stamina as well as endurance. So if you have been always into running, try doing Muay Thai or if you have been doing Pilates, try aerobics for some time.

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