Modern Interior Painting Ideas

If you’re looking for creative, contemporary ideas to paint the interior walls of your home, here is a round-up on some of the most popular trends in interior painting.

1. Combine warm and cool colors
If you are willing to experiment and feel confident about picking colors for the interior walls of your home all by yourself, then we suggest considering a combination of warm and cool hues. For example, in your dining room, you could have a neutral color wall and a cool color ceiling. This could be complimented with an egg-white color for the trim. Such a combination offers a soothing effect since all these colors are very soft and muted.

2. Vintage look
The vintage look is becoming extremely popular in all kinds of homes, especially those that have a large space and big living areas. If you have a spacious home, interior painters recommend a Victorian style family room that has blue-painted walls. This goes extremely well with medium-tone wooden furniture. The white scheme of the living room is complemented with the soft blue walls, giving a unique personality to the room. Hang a few paintings or a huge mirror on one of the blue walls to make the room appear classier.

3. Baby nursery
This part of the house always seems to be one of the most difficult areas to paint, especially when you are unaware about the gender of the baby. Professional interior painters recommend selecting gender-neutral colors such as grays, lilacs and soft greens that lend warmth to the room. You can pick bright colored rugs to compliment the color of the walls and uplift the overall look. White-painted wooden cots look absolutely perfect with light pastel shades on the walls.

4. Inspiration from accessories and furniture
Modern interior painters are also starting to get inspired by the various elements in a room before deciding on the interior wall color. For instance, if there is a big rustic and white colored fabric lamp hanging from the ceiling and falling right at the centre of the table, then one of the walls next to the dining table could be the same rustic color. This kind of interior painting helps in creating a color theme for the room and makes the interiors look cohesive.

Similarly, if one of the sofas in your bedroom is a shade of gray, you could pick a complimentary color for the walls of your room so as to enhance the look of the sofa.
It is a good idea to do some research on colors and themes and get inspired to pick the best colors for your home interior walls.

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